I'm so glad you stopped by. Here are a few ways that possibility shows up through me. They're part of a larger vision I bet we share. Have a look and a listen. Let me know what you think. Let's talk possibilities!

Spiritual Teacher

Whether speaking on a Sunday, teaching a class, workshop or retreat, it's my great joy to see people connect with the power and possibility within and all around them. To discover their spiritual identity, a purpose that is uniquely theirs, and all the ways that Love seeks expression and experience through them - there is nothing greater than playing a part in that awakening!

Visionary Leader

Our awakening to who we truly are and what is possible for us calls for new paradigms. In relationships, in communities and at large, these new models of relating and collaborating make room for the whole being. A new era of leadership is rising up in service to and support of this awakening. More leaders are emerging and working together. I love how this evolution supports us individually and collectively. To that end I am dedicated to inclusive and empowering leadership styles for shared success.

"A leader ventures to say 'I will go; come with me!'" - Robert Greenleaf

My favorite leaders have always been those who believed in me more than I believed in myself. They helped me to access untapped potentials and to realize my dreams. I love passing that gift along!

New Thought Music Fan

Erin McGaughan helped music directors and ministers to differentiate between amateur musicians, novices, semi-pros and pros, serving them better and bringing the best music to New Thought celebrations. I thank her for helping me to understand this spectrum and I honor the dedicated musicians who are such a joy to hear play and to know.  

Making a Joyful Noise

I met my husband, Rick, a vibes and pans player and Practitioner, while singing at CSL Cape Coral. Although singing is not my primary aim in ministry, I consider being in the company of great music and the people who make it a core value and a priority. The artists who put our message to music are a constant source of inspiration on this journey of awakening to potential, possibility and purpose.

Here are a few New Thought musicians I've hosted, enjoyed listening to and singing along with. There are so many more in the ever-growing genre of New Thought singer-songwriters, including friends and students. My great love and thanks to each of you for creating the soundtrack for "This Thing Called Life".  

David Ault, Marcy Baruch, Ricky Byars Beckwith, Armand and Angelina Della Volp, Karen Drucker, Jack Fowler, Shawn Gallaway, Jan Garrett, Jimmy Landry, Renee Leboa, Jamie Lula, JD Martin, Cathy McGill, Richard Mekdeci, Donna Michael, Daniel Nahmod, Ester Nicholson, Marina Raye, Sue Riley, Faith Rivera, Chris Rosser, David Roth, Carole Z. Shane, Emily Shane, Elaine Silver, Christie Snow, Janna Stanfield and Eddie Watkins Jr.

Let's Talk Possibilities!

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